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    I am so excited and jumping for joy! Prior to leaving for NH for my treatment a couple of weeks ago, I had sent out letters and brochures to three of my physicians (GYN, Naturopathic/Family Practioner and Plastic Surgeon). In my letters I also attached “my story” that I had written on the forum. I have included my letter at the end of this post just to give you an idea. Today I had a follow-up appointment with one of those doctors. I’m so excited because today he asked me how my procedure went and told me that using Botox to treat vaginismus made total sense to him. He wants to get in touch with Dr. Pacik to learn more about the treatment and with Dr. Pacik’s blessing would like to help women overcome vaginismus! Well tears came to my eyes immediately and we talked more about the treatment. What a blessing! His assistant then told me that she was at her GYN’s office recently and she shared with her Dr. Pacik’s treatment and that doctor is very interested so I’m sending out a letter to her today! I am also going to get more brochures and send letters to all the OB/GYNS in our tri cities area! Ladies, I highly, highly recommend that you share your story or send letters out to your physicians. You never no who it might help. Even if it only helps one women… is 100% worth it! Let’s get the word out and get rid of the silence!

    As you know, I have been suffering with Vaginismus for most of my life. About a month ago I stumbled across Dr. Pacik’s website, And oh what a blessing! I had no idea how many women from all over the world suffer from this condition. All of these years I have felt like a freak and that I was the only person who suffered with this awful condition. Unfortunately, there are many, many, too many women who have vaginismus and all have suffered in silence. However, Dr. Pacik has changed that and not only has an effective treatment but gives women a voice to share and support others.

    I have enclosed several brochures for you and highly encourage you to check out the website, especially the forum. I’m so excited to say that I am going back to New Hampshire in October for treatment and have hope again. You know a little bit about my history and struggle with vaginismus but I thought I would share with you “My Story” as I shared with others on the website’s Forum. Dr. Pacik’s procedure has a 90% success rate and I’m so hoping that I will be a part of that amazing statistic. Even if for some reason it doesn’t work for me, I am still blessed to have found this website and Dr. Pacik. I have become a devout advocate for Dr. Pacik, his treatment, website and forum. I want to be able to support other women who have been suffering in silence with vaginismus.

    I’m hoping that you will share this brochure with others who you know are suffering with this condition. I look forward to sharing my progress with you in the upcoming months.

    Janet Pacik

    This is so exciting. I am so happy that you took the time to write your story and to share it with your doctor. I really do believe that one day soon, everyone’s voice to spread the word about the botox treatment for vaginismus will be heard loud and clear!


    This is absolutely amazing! After you texted me yesterday telling me everything I found myself in tears! You are being a huge advocate already and it’s only 14 days pp! You rock! This treatment is changing our lives so why wouldn’t we inform the world?!

    Yesterday, I had a appointment with my counselor about my anxiety. He knows my history with vaginismus. First off, he was so incredibly happy to hear about the treatment I found and the progress I have already made. He currently has two patients with vaginismus(when I went to him a couple years ago I believe I was the first he had heard if it). I gave him pamphlets and a copy of Dr. P’s book. He is so eager to get in contact with Dr. P. He would be a huge asset to helping us women with vaginismus deal with the anxiety/emotional aspect after and even before treatment to prepare us! He is located in Florida but does the majority of his counseling via Skype. I believe as he is learning more about vaginismus that he has a heart for helping us women overcome vaginismus emotionally. In the one visit I had yesterday with him I feel as though I learned about the cause of my anxiety. Even though my body physically is doing great with the dilators my brain is sending signals and yelling PAIN! I am learning ways to not only retrain my muscles physically but also retrain my thoughts emotionally.

    I’m going to take your advice Vicki. I am going to send my letter and pamphlets to not only my gyno dr, but to ALL the doctors I tried to go to before who had NO idea about vaginismus.

    This is a great post!

    Janet Pacik

    If anyone needs vaginismus brochures to send out, please contact our office and Jenn or Lisa will mail them out to you right away. And thank you both for advocating for all the women who are suffering in silence with vaginismus!


    These are great, great posts Nakita and Allie! I was so excited when we were talking about this yesterday and absolutely LOVE all of your advocacy ideas. I think using the form letter we discussed and tweaking it to make it applicable to vaginismus, as opposed to vulvodynia, is a wonderful idea to further spread the word to not only our own physicians but countless others. Great, great job ladies!


    Allie, that is so exciting about your counselor wanting to learn more! Would love to hear more about his counseling and thoughts on working through the anxiety. I get so excited hearing how physicians and counselors want to learn more and really want to help treat Vaginismus!

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