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    I just wanted to thank Dr.Pacik and the three courageous ladies in his office yesterday for allowing me to sit in on their follow up appointment(s). I was thoroughly amazed by their determination and enthusiasm about overcoming this very private and sensitive problem that obviously plagues more women than most are aware of. As an individual who currently works in health care, I myself was oblivious to this issue and am saddened to hear that so many women suffer in silence for so long because this is a topic that many health care providers just don’t talk about. Dr.Pacik and his patient’s impressed and enlightened me so much, that I feel I am now armed with this new information and I want to share it with others. Before I forget, I also want to thank the partners of these ladies. What a tremendous bunch of gentlemen that not only stood by their wives while they were suffering through this, but the show of support and love I witnessed yesterday by them was awe-inspiring! Holding hands, rubbing backs, words of encouragement-just AMAZING!! To be honest, I think that most men would have bailed out of a relationship long before this point, so kudos to those men who love their spouses so much that they are willing to walk with them while they take this journey. You are truly wonderful for that. Good luck to all of Dr.Pacik’s patients and their families and may you be blessed with all the joy you are so deserving of.

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