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    Hi ladies- I am having trouble finding some tight underwear to use for sleeping with a dilator. My procedure is coming up in about a week, and I want to buy some to bring with me on my trip to NH. What types of underwear did you use? I was thinking of maybe some tight bathing suit bottoms, but I am curious what worked for other girls. Could you give me some brand names and maybe websites or store names where you bought them? thank you!


    Hello – This is Ellen from Dr. Pacik’s office… The panties do not have to be “tight”just simply snug. Many of the girls wear regular bikini or brief panties and some even wear boy shorts. As long as they fit snugly and have some type of full cut to them to be able to wear a feminine pad while dilating the first few days is okay. If they are too tight you may be uncomfortable but if they are too loose and baggy then it will be difficult to hold everything in place. Thong or g-string panties are not recommended due to the skimpy cut, especially in the crotch area. They tend not work as well or be as comfortable. No need to buy swim suit bottoms or anything tighter than normal snug undies. You may also want to keep in mind dilating in the beginning can be a little messy, so you may not want to wear anything filly or lacy. Cotton or cotton blends are comfortable and also allow for breath-ability. I hope this helps. Please feel free to call me or e-mail me if you have additional questions.

    Dr. Pacik

    Some of my patients use inexpensive bicycle shorts. I stress inexpensive because the expensive shorts have too much padding and this can get messy with the lubes needed for dilation. I agree that snug is more important than “tight”. The vagina naturally expels the dilator so it needs to be held in place. Lots of pads and changes of underwear are important. Ladies: any other suggestions?


    Hi Kelseroo. I bought some spanx type undies/shorts to wear over my underwear and found it incredibly helpful. I found mine in the lingerie/underwear/bra section at JC Penneys. I even saw some at my local Target in the same section, they just didn’t have my size. Hope that helps!


    Cool I’m learning a lot about panties !! Lol great suggestions!

    Dr. Pacik

    Following treatment patients are discharged with a medium #4 dilator and asked to sleep with this dilator overnight. The challenge is taking a shower. I suggest a bathing suit bottom to hold the dilator in place when showering. This should be brought along.


    This is an excellent topic. Leena just posted a great suggestion regarding tight fitting panties for future patients that I wanted to share as well as a link for purchase.

    Specifically, she writes:
    “I bought a few different kinds of snug undies and found that the high-waisted swim brief from Blair catalogue to be by far the best for me in terms of comfort and snugness to keep the dilator in place. I had bought a couple of different sizes due to customer reviews that indicated they run large, and indeed the ones that fit are one size less than my normal size. Here is the link, fyi: (Check the homepage for savings codes, which they often have – either free shipping or a percentage off.) I’ve now bought several additional since they work so well, and the feel like undies.”

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