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    I posted earlier about being able to get the blue dilator in and my story of doing it all at university.

    I am really proud to say last night after all the dilating and stress, my boyfriend and I finally were able to have penetrative sex! I was slightly uncomfortable at first, but we made sure to start off slow and I am happy to report on the great success of this program!

    We did it drunk once, which was great because I was quite relaxed and then we did it sober, which I was more impressed and pleased with! I will definitely keep dilating before, so it does mean no spontaneous sex, I take the dilator out right before, but it works and the pain went away!! I think I was too nervous to be n pain, but the nerves really calmed down. 😀

    It all seemed so stressful and frustrating – but it’s definitely worth keeping up with the dilation. I dilated with the blue all day before we did so I knew I was be mentally more ready and feel comfortable. I can get the blue in and out really quickly now which is nice, no need to pre dilate.

    He knows a bit about the condition – I didn’t go into detail, and he was fine with that. Telling your partner is a bit strange, but he was nice enough to listen and told me to tell him as much as I wanted. So I though it was best to say I had a minor surgery in the summer and we just needed to go slow for a few times so I can get back into the swing of things. He wasn’t even bothered 😀 No embarrassment or weirdness!

    Keep dilating ladies! 😀

    Soph x



    Dr. Pacik

    This is a great post and says a lot about mental attitude.


    So happy for you, Soph!


    Awesome work Sophie-My name is Julie and I just recently made my appointment for February. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new life to begin! I am too fun to have this haha. I am glad its working out for you 🙂

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