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    I had my procedure June 30 and this past weekend I was able to successfully have intercourse!!! This is something that I have been waiting to post for so long and the feeling of pure joy cannot be explained in words. I explained to my partner my situation and he was very understanding about the whole process he even watched some football while i dilated or as i told him “stretched”. I tried doing it from on top but realized that once i got it in i was too scared to do any motions so we switched to missionary. After that there was slight discomfort but no pain and he made sure to keep a steady pace. Unfortunately I’m not at the stage where I find full pleasure in intercourse but being able to satisfy my partner was more than enough and i can’t thank Dr. Pacik and his staff enough for everything that they did for me. Im usually a very private person about this but knowing these stories helped ME contact Dr. Pacik I couldn’t keep my success story from the forum. Thanks again to Dr. Pacik and his AMAZING staff! 🙂


    Huge, Huge CONGRATS Alina! This is wonderful news and made me smile so huge!!!! So, so excellent!!! Sending you hugs!!!!

    Dr. Pacik

    It was wonderful to hear from you and I am delighted with your success. We have said so often that it is common to dilate well, have intercourse, but to lag behind emotionally. This is not a concern, your joy will come with time. Sex counseling can be very helpful AFTER the treatment if you feel you are not progressing with your libido as you would like to. My congratulations!


    Thats so awesome!! Congratulations! That must be such an incredible feeling 🙂



    So so happy for you!!

    23 years

    Also a June 30th procedure, and I am elated for you!!

    (Sorry this is late but I haven’t been on the boards in awhile!!)

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