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    Hi ladies. I am always so, so amazed at all of our before and after stories about vaginismus and this procedure. I am thankful for each and every one of you and know that, together, we are helping others just so, so much.

    Most recently, I have loved following the posts from the “Dilating Divas”. For all patients awaiting treatment, these series of posts will be beyond helpful to read:

    9/4 – Hello to Everyone. My name is Lisa. I am new to the forum and wanted to share a little about my story. I am a 41 year old mother of two beautiful daughters and also am luck enough to have a very supportive husband. I have always struggled and dealt with painful intercourse. I have been to many doctors over the years, none of which could help or even acknowledge there was anything wrong with me. It has been very disheartening and needless to say a very high anxiety journey. I always knew in my heart that something has been physically wrong with me. Both of my children were born via c-sections. And the conception of those children was VERY painful. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, but for the past few years have not been able to have intercourse at all. My husband has always been my champion. He is always supportive, but also frustrated. We have been married for 20 years. We want the next 20 years to be even better than the last. I am so relieved and lucky to have found Dr. Pacik. I know he can help me!!!! My new life will begin on Sept 25th after the treatment. I have never felt like a real woman, I have always felt BROKEN and like a failure for my husband. I can not wait to let all of you know how things are after the treatment!!!! Thanks for all the stories and support on the forum. 🙂

    9/25 – Hello again everybody!! My husband and I arrived in New Hampshire today for my procedure. It went great!!!!! Dr. Pacik and his staff were so kind and very professional. We were made to feel right at home. The procedure itself was very quick and PAINLESS!!!!!! I am recovering in our hotel room with a dilator in place…craziness 🙂 I can’t believe I ever even doubted having this procedure done. Do not hesitate and waste anymore time!!! We will return to Dr. Pacik’s office tomorrow for more counseling. All of the staff went above and beyond their jobs to make what could have been a high anxiety day seem normal. Dr. Pacik takes his time with each of us. We never felt rushed. Dr. Pacik has a very calming demeanor. All of the staff were so nice!!!!! Thank you to Jenn, Tracey, and Ellen. These ladies are part of Dr. Pacik’s team. They take such good care of you. Tim who did the anesteshia was awesome!:) I am looking forward to tomorrow and will post again. Wish me luck:)

    9/26 – Good evening to everyone, Today is day 1 post procedure and I am doing great!!!!!!!! Worked a lot today with Dr. Pacik on dilating properly and other very helpful topics. The other 2 awesome ladies that were here with me yesterday were here today as well. We are already such a huge support group for each other. All of the progress is amazing!!!!!! We are calling ourselves the Dilating Divas 😉 and my husband has been dubbed the dildo dude…….extremely supportive and on constant standby…..ready for his turn to be used!!!!! Laughing as I post this 🙂 But seriously, this procedure has been unbelievable and the progress that has taken place in under 24 hours is outstanding. NO other procedure could ever match the effectiveness and timeliness of this one. I hope other women out there are reading this forum and taking these posts to heart. I will continue to keep posting as I make progress. Sending lots of lube and love to all the other Dilating Divas out there!!!!! Keep it up 😉

    10/8 – Hello to everyone!!! I hope everybody is hanging in there and doing well. My husband and I just had intercourse on day 12 post procedure!!! It is unbelievable. There was practically zero pain!!!!!!!! Just a tiny bit of pressure at the entry….let me state again….NO PAIN. I can hardly believe how having this procedure will change our lives. So many years lost…but that is not what any of should dwell on. We should instead concentrate on how awesome the future will be!!!!! And how we, as triumphite and strong women, can help other women and girls that are going through this difficult time have hope and power to conquer this problem. I believe we all have certain road blocks and problems in life we must overcome. And these road blocks are given to us for a reason. The point is to overcome them, and become even stronger because of them. Keep on working with the dilators if you have already had the procedure, and if you are still contemplating having the procedure, do not hesitate any longer!!!!! I’ve had dental procedures that were worse 🙂 , and certainly did not have the same life changing outcome!


    Thanks for posting this Heather! Feeling a little down today. This definitely encouraged me.


    You are going to do absolutely AMAZING Allie!!! I remember being so nervous prior to my procedure that I even got sick in the car on our drive to the office. It’s entirely normal to feel this way! The most important thing is that you’re doing it and facing your fears and you will be so, so, so successful with it. I seriously love reading the before and after stories and it’s wonderful to see the progression from the pre-procedure stage to the day of the procedure to the success post-procedure. So, so wonderful!!! This particular before and after story also gives you a great feel of what to expect when you are here. Beginning with Dr. Pacik to every single person in the office, they are absolutely wonderful and, like I’ve said so many times, I feel like they have a special degree in treating the most anxious patients in the world. I was beyond nervous prior to my procedure (10+++ anxiety) and at the end of the whole experience, I felt calm and confident. It WORKED and will WORK for you. I am so, so excited to read your posts and just know that you will do wonderful!!!

    Dr. Pacik

    I have heard from one of our other dilating divas who has not yet posted. She was busy returning to Romania to be with family and is now in London working. She is single so for her it is just a question of dilating for now. She is dilating well and has re-assured me that she continues to be on schedule. Our other Diva from Toronto went on a cruise to celebrate her victory and I hope to hear from her soon also.
    It has been such a pleasure working with you Lisa. You are an inspiration to us all! I will always cherish your wonderful sense of humor and how you made us all laugh no matter what… and your Dildo Dude…what a team!!!

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