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    I am in the process of (hopefully) ordering a new set of glass dilators. However, when I have tried to dilate in the past, I have to physically hold the dilator (by applying counter pressure) from being pushed out of my vagina. It gets very tiresome to have to hold them in place like this. The regular pressure from underwear would not be enough to stop them from being pushed out. I don’t know why my muscles are pushing them out (it doesn’t really hurt as it is happening, it just isn’t helpful because it isn’t allowing enough time for the muscles to stretch). There is no way that I could sleep with them in like that because of how I have to hold them in place.

    Any suggestions for this?


    The vagina has a natural tendency to push out the dilators, especially longer dilators with a heavier base attached to them. The glass dilators you can obtain from Crystal Delights, https://crystaldelights.com/shop/dilators/, are much shorter, and for some women, stay in easier. You could try using a pair of “spanx” type undergarment to hold the dilator in place, but I’m not sure how comfortable that would be to sleep in.

    For some women, sleeping with dilators is not essential to full resolution of their vaginismus. So if you find sleeping with the dilators too difficult, I recommend dilating at night and in the morning for a good 30 minutes each session.


    Hi KDCXO16. I found some excellent threads that I wanted to share regarding holding the dilator in place.
    Leena writes:
    “I bought a few different kinds of snug undies and found that the high-waisted swim brief from Blair catalogue to be by far the best for me in terms of comfort and snugness to keep the dilator in place. I had bought a couple of different sizes due to customer reviews that indicated they run large, and indeed the ones that fit are one size less than my normal size. Here is the link, fyi: http://www.blair.com/p/high-waisted-swim-brief/73603.uts (Check the homepage for savings codes, which they often have – either free shipping or a percentage off.) I’ve now bought several additional since they work so well, and the feel like undies. I also found that thinner feminine napkins were the way to go. I used Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads with wings. These kept the blood and lubricant safely off my panties.”
    Vashalla has also written:
    “I typically use cloth menstrual pads, like the ones you can get from http://www.gladrags.com or http://www.lunapads.com. They’re great because you can make them as thick as they need to be in order to keep the dilator in place… Plus, they’re cloth, so it’s gentle on the skin…”
    I hope this helps. Sending support and hugs today!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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