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    Ok chicas…. are we supposed to dilate while on our cycle??? It just seems like it would be kinda grose?? Adversely, if we don’t then we skip almost a full week of dilating. I’m open to all advice, comments and suggestions lol. – Alyx 🙂


    Hi Alyx. That’s a great question and I’m sure a very common one. For me personally, I skipped dilating during the first 3 days of my cycle and then resumed dilating during my last 2 days. In the beginning, I was so afraid that if I skipped any amount of time with the dilators, then I would never be able to dilate again. This wasn’t the case at all. Again, in the beginning, if it ever felt a little tightness dilating after my period, I would begin with purple and work my way up to blue. I also used a lot of lubricant. This was a very good question and I can’t wait to read more of your posts.


    Hi Heather! lol! Thanks for answering my question! I’ll definitely try dilating as my cycle disapates. – Alyx 🙂

    Dr. Pacik

    It depends on how heavy the cycle is. For lighter cycles some dilation is possible, for heavier cycles skip the first few days. Even 5-10 minutes is valuable. This however is an excellent time to use a tampon. This is another form of penetration which most of my patients have been unable to use. Dr. Pacik

    Amanda Miller

    I had my cycle only 2 weeks after having procedure. However my periods are very very heavy and I didn’t want to dilate. Just freaks me out bc it gross. Haha. Normally my cycle last a full 6-7 days I as able to dilate after the 4th day. I didn’t seem to have much trouble with reinserting it after waiting 4 days. I didn’t try tampon because it always freaks me out since I’m so heavy. I think I am going to try next cycle though even if it is only on the lighter days!!

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