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    Hello to everyone! I hope everybody that has had the procedure is doing well and dilating regularly. It has been 86 days post procedure for me….and no problems. I continue to sleep in the pink dilator every other night. I also have been having intercourse with no problems!!!!!! The other night I skipped dilating with the blue dilator prior to intercourse. I just dilated with the pink dilator first, and guess what? No pain… no problems. It was amazing. I begin to feel more normal every time we have intercourse. I am still hesitant, but with time I hope that will become less and less. My husband can also tell that the Botox is beginning to wear off. I have more control over the muscles and he can feel it. (That’s a good thing 🙂 )It is important for me to share that with all of you. I was so concerned about all the vaginismus coming back once the Botox started wearing off. So far so good, I will keep you posted, but am expecting zero problems. Keep on dilating Divas!!!!!! You can do it, it is the key to success. We can overcome this….I already have. 🙂



    Lisa, I always love hearing from you and the other “dilating divas” and I hope you are well. This is an important post b/c so many patients fear that once the Botox wears off, the vaginismus will come back. This was not the case for you nor me. I found that long after the Botox had worn off, I could still enjoy pain-free intercourse and have successful ob/gyn exams b/c the muscles were so well stretched from using the dilators and we became used to having comfortable intercourse. Ladies, have you experienced any changes once the Botox wore off???

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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