Dilating day 2/3 post procedure

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    K Howard

    Sleeping with the purple #4 last night was much more comfortable; was even able to have my husband to insert it – a big assignment for me from Ellen to be sure and get him more and more involved. I will say that even before we began my anxiety was like at a 5! but with my hand placed on top of his, it did seem to ease that a bit.

    This morning at the office, the pink #5 went in fairly easy. I tried a different position (from my husband suggesting I try something new) with my husband sitting in the chair and me standing in front of him placing my hands on his shoulder. His arms were around my waist and then caressing my leg (my left leg was up and resting in a bent position on his leg) as I stood slightly bent over as I inserted #5. Other was no pain but about a 2 on anxiety because it was something new and I didn’t know how it would be…but all was well. I stayed with #5 for an hour and then we were done. We have the rest of the afternoon off and are heading to the Atlantic ocean (the beach is one of my favorite places to be – especially being from Florida) and then dilating later on this evening.

    Have a great day everyone!

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