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    Today was a good day. The women in the room did an excellent job today. It is a great privilege to be allowed to share this experience with my wife and the other couple. Today we tried to allow me to help with the dialation in a different position. Im not sure if I was a help or a hinderance. I felt defeated very quickly because my wife was having a hard time. It had a negative effect on her. In retrospect, she was doing great! It is still new. Today was new. And I failed her. I was visably frustrated. Its like wanting someone to succeed and you know they have the ability, but maybe struggle with putting it all together. And you just wanna just make it all better, but its not yours to take. Thats how it felt. If that all makes sense. Once I got out of Ellens way, she went to work and they got the dialator in. Her and my frustration quickly subsided and she was able to relax and enjoy the day. Dr.Pacik next spent time talking to all of us and giving us thingsto think about as we prepare for the next phase of the healing process. Various was to reconnect. Thru is all, my wife kept the 2nd to the largest glass dialator in for almost 12hrs! And this is just day 2. What a trooper!

    Tomorrows a new day. Not sure what to expect. But I am positive that I will be 100% more patient for her than I was today.

    Wanna just mention Ellen, Jenn, and Janet by name. They are wonderful! I know they get paid to do a job, but they are motivated by something much more. They really care about each and every person that are in their care. It is this quality that makes the program special. Thank all of you very much.

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