Day 2

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    I can’t believe it is day 2 post procedure and I’m still able to dial up to blue not for very long but I can still do it! Yesterday I felt so tired and emotionally drained that I couldnt post. Today was a fun day touring around Boston and eating fresh lobster. But I will have to admit that I was very emotional today. Tears at the drop of a hat. Has anyone else experienced this? It’s almost like all the emotions that’s I have held in, felt….that I wasn’t a real women, a freak, unlovable, etc. all came back. But yet I still have this amazing feeling of hope! Over the last couple of days I have soaked in everything that Dr. Pacik and his team have shared with us but I still thirst for more. It is the first time in 32 plus years that professionals really get/understand what I’m feeling, going through. It is an amazing feeling. Dr. Pacik, have you ever thought about having post procedure counseling for those of us who would like to all come together to share and gain more wisdom from you and your team? I myself would jump to have an opportunity like that! Just a thought. 😛

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