Daily Question (2/9/12) – Vaginismus and Strength

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    Hi ladies. I recently received an amazing e-mail from a good friend who has also had the Botox procedure for vaginismus with Dr. Pacik. I’m simply human and am a little nervous about my upcoming surgery. In her e-mail she writes:

    “Don’t be scared, I’m thinking about you all the way! And just think how strong you’ve been through all your vag experiences. I think vag almost makes us stronger although most of the time we actually feel weaker.”

    I really LOVED this e-mail and thought quite a bit about it. I, too, believe that going through vaginismus has made each and every one of us stronger women. Following the procedure, I just felt an incredible sense of accomplishment and very, very confident. I felt and still feel like if I can overcome vaginismus, I can overcome anything.

    How has this made you stronger?


    Hi Heather, many of us looked for the cure of vaginismus for many years prior to finding Dr. Pacik’s procedure. To me, all those years of relentlessly believing in myself and not giving up made me believe that I truly overcome anything going forward. I never thought that being so stubborn could actually be a good thing when heading in the correct direction! I must as well, give credit to my hubby who has never stopped believing in me. He has truly held my hand on the good and the bad days. Now, we can both look to each other and say ‘ Mission accomplished”!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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