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    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve had primary Vaginismus for years now but I’ve just found out what it is called. I’ve been seeing a a pelvic floor therapist for almost a year and still unable to use dilators. I’m struggling bad and I think I need to get the botox shots. I have HMO insurance through my job but I see that it will most likely not be accepted. What is the average cost for the shots?


    I think it’s around $425.67. However, I don’t really think Botox is in your favor. You should go to a hospital or specialized facility for treatment rather than Botox injections. Botox can cause nerve paralysis, bleeding, embolism, or irritation. This is really serious especially with the sensitive parts of women. Besides, I think you should use herbs like betel leaf, aloe vera, etc. for daily hygiene if you have Vaginismus.


    I joined this forum because I’m looking into their procedure. I have exhausted all my other options. Ive been in physical therapy/counseling for almost a year and have failed at attempting to use dilators. If it was that easy to relax and use natural remedies then I wouldn’t be on here asking.


    Hi Brittney,

    Please schedule a 10 min consultation, or call our office to get details on the Botox Procedure. Our procedure is especially helpful for women who have tried PT, and traditional dilation therapy, and are just not finding any progress.

    Our procedure uses sedation, so while you are under the anesthesia, we will dilate the vagina to the largest size dilator, as well as inject 100 units of Botox intravaginally. Our patients wake up from the anesthesia with the largest dilator inside the vagina. This really helps to connect the brain and the body, and empower our patients to learn dilation. It is a unique approach and different from other providers, but we find it is very successful.


    Hi Brittney,

    Just chiming in here to second what Melissa has said – I got the botox treatment through Maze and it worked wonders for me. I had dealt with vaginismus for nearly 10 years and without any previous efforts doing ANYTHING to help. After I got the botox under anesthesia, I was able to have penetrative intercourse for the first time 20 days later. Like Melissa mentioned, their particular procedure of putting you under anesthesia and waking up with a dilator in has a really remarkable effect on the disconnect between the brain and the body. I highly recommend reading more into it.

    That being said, I have heard from plenty of women who also had success with just botox – it just depends person to person and on how severe your vaginismus is and a host of other factors. From what I’ve heard, botox usually isn’t covered by insurance unfortunately (vaginismus is shamefully misunderstood/under-researched in the gynecological community) and you may have to pay out of pocket, but as someone who is now several years past my vaginismus, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on! Let us know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help.

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