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    Hi ladies. A very effective form of advocating to get the condition of vaginismus more well-known and into the mainstream (such as ED is) as well as to share the word that there is an actual cure in the form of Dr. Pacik’s treatment includes commenting on both articles and questions posed in various online forms. Recently, I was advised of a question posed on Yahoo Questions and Answers concerning a woman who was experiencing painful intercourse and thought that she may have vaginismus. I wrote a comment and very briefly shared my story of suffering with vaginismus for several years and our entire relationship and then finally being cured within 1 week of receiving Dr. Pacik’s Botox treatment program. If this helps even one woman to know that they too can be cured from vaginismus and don’t have to suffer needlessly for several years of their life, then it’s working. I would encourage you all to comment on this Question and Answer link as well:

    In addition to commenting on articles and questions about vaginismus, there are several other ways to continue to work on spreading the word about this condition and Dr. Pacik’s treatment. As discussed numerous times in the past, submitting your story to women’s magazines is an excellent idea. To take it a bit further, an option here would be to review which particular freelance journalists have written articles in the past about female sexual pain (i.e. not solely vaginismus, but also expanded to vulvodynia) and to submit your story directly to them. There contact information is often listed on the bottom of previously written articles. Another idea is to continue to be persistent in sharing and submitting your story. In the past, I submitted my story in writing to one particular magazine and a week later, submitted the same story to a contest in which we were selected for a radio broadcast. An additional form of advocacy is submitting your story to radio shows that, again, have previously covered female sexual pain conditions, including vulvodynia and vaginismus. I have several additional ideas as well and the more that we can all do together to spread the word that this condition is real and has a true cure, then we are all changing people’s lives for the better. And, again, even if we touch just one person, then that one individual will no longer have to suffer in silence with vaginismus and, too, can be cured. I am always interested in hearing your advocacy ideas as well and would love for you to share any articles and/or questions that you view about vaginismus.


    Hi Heather, right after my procedure I wrote letters and sent them out along with Dr. Pacik’s brochures to all the OB/GYNs as well as a plastic surgeon and naturopathic doctor in our area. I also donated his book to our Public Library. I’m with you in that even if we only touch one person, what a huge blessing it would be!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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