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    I’m looking into botox treatment and I can find lots of ‘success’ stories, but for me success wouldn’t just be PIV sex, it would be feeling sexual pleasure and sensation from it. It’s more important for me to have sexual pleasure from sex acts than to be able to have PIV sex. Has anyone got experience with botox treatment and can tell me if it reduces sensation?

    Thanks in advance


    I have not had any patients report back that they have had reduced pleasure or sensation after a botox treatment for vaginismus. A possible side effect is reduced lubrication, but that is rare typically resolves on its own. Hope that helps.


    Hi laarons! I had the botox procedure back in September and can say that I didn’t experience any lack of sensation. It felt more like the wall that had been blocking the entry of anything into my vagina had disappeared but I could still feel the things my vagina felt. This started out as the discomfort of dilating regularly (discomfort, not pain) and led to the eventual pleasure of having sex with my boyfriend and coming to enjoy it.

    The interesting thing is that I had been worried that once the botox wore off I would feel the difference and sex would become more comfortable, but that didn’t happen at all! I became fairly comfortable having sex within about 3 months of having sex, but the botox must have worn off by now and I haven’t noticed any change in sensation or my body’s willingness to be penetrated. Goes to show how much of what is happening is psychological!


    Hi laarons. I had the Botox treatment program and have not experienced a reduction in sensation. I was able to use the dilators post-procedure without the burning pain/blocked wall/resistance feeling. Later, my hubby and I were able to make love. In the early stages, it wasn’t great as we both were not experienced and it felt methodical. Later, we incorporated using a vibrator into our foreplay instead of using the dilators in advance and this added to the pleasure. Also, in the beginning when we first started having intercourse, I dilated for a long time in advance and we both noticed that I was very open (which was such a difference from before). I eventually dilated a little less and this too open feeling got better as well. So, all in all, while it was a learning process, we are definitely experiencing enjoyable sex now and I have never experienced reduced sensation from having the Botox treatment program. I hope this helps.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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