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    I was wondering about the WORST-CASE-SCENARIO side effects of this procedure.

    Is there any evidence that it causes urinary incontinence or any other type of dysfunction?
    What about botox toxicity? Could botox injections in this quantity be fatal?

    Have there been any reports about the patients that received this treatment many years ago?

    Can dilating under anesthesia be done without botox?


    From this site at

    When administered correctly, Botox is as safe as aspirin. Of over 150 patients treated for vaginismus there have been two cases of minor urinary stress incontinence with a few drops of urine lost as a result of straining. This cleared completely after four months when the Botox was no longer active. To date, there have been no long term complications in the approved study.

    From Dr. Pacik’s “old” site (this info may be slightly out of date, I do not know if the dose used has changed, but I believe it’s safe to say 100-150 units for my purpose here)

    We generally use 150 units of Botox for the treatment of vaginismus. This amount of BOTOX® is less than the amount of BOTOX® used for children and adults to overcome spastic muscles disorders; therefore, is a safe dose of BOTOX®.

    From a 2010 study investigating the botulinum content of 3 popular medications (Botox and 2 other varieties):

    Overall, the mean concentration of BoNT/A neurotoxin in Botox® was 0.73 ng per 100 unit vial

    Contrast that with the median lethal intravenous dose of botulinum toxin, which is about 1 ng/kg (nanogram/kilogram). I don’t know the exact weight of every woman that underwent treatment, but let’s say 120 lbs-170 lbs. That’s 54-77 kg, meaning you’d need at least 54-77 ng of botulinum toxin to kill someone. The amount of toxin in this treatment should be 0.73-1.1 ng.

    I hope that answers some of your questions, and if the Botox units/treatment has changed at all, well we’ll take that into account when it’s posted 🙂


    Hi ladies. One of the things that I was most nervous about and discussed in length with Dr. Pacik and Ellen in my pre-procedure consult was whether using Botox was safe. They receive this question often and very thoroughly explained the safety factor to me. My husband and I both felt comfortable with their explanation and trusted in it’s safety; I had the procedure; and I was able to make love for the first time within only 7 days. I’m so glad that I didn’t let my anxiety about the safety of the Botox prevent me from having this procedure as it is a safe drug and was the cure for my vaginismus. In a prior blog, one of Dr. Pacik’s patients writes:

    “I can’t tell you how glad I am I made the decision to use Botox. It changed my life completely. All the stress and frustration my husband and I went through are gone. By allowing us to enjoy a good sexual relationship, Botox helped restore equilibrium, trust and happiness in our marriage. And most importantly, it allowed me to experience the wonderful joys of motherhood! Now, thanks to the Botox, I have built a family. And I am planning to expand it soon with another child!”

    To the veterans who are post-procedure, your feedback will be so helpful here. Were you afraid of the use of Botox? How did you overcome this fear? What would you say to a woman reading this right now who may still be unsure?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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