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    Does anyone use the Candy Stick, what are your experiences with it? Is it worth the money?


    Hi mmbayles. I have the grape Candy Stick and would highly recommend it. This is an excerpt from my review right after I received it:

    “Hi ladies. I recently tried using the Candy Stick and highly recommend it. It is basically a vibrating dilator that is just a little bit larger than Big Blue (Pure Romance). The good thing is that it is made of the same silicone material as the Pure Romance Dilators and is comfortable to insert. It also is incredibly useful for relaxation prior to intercourse. For those in the process of transitioning to intercourse or for those who have hubbys/partners who may be a little larger than Big Blue, I would highly suggest trying this as well.”

    Also, there is an excellent blog written in which another patient also describes her experience with the Candy Stick:

    Here is an excerpt:
    A patient writes about her success with the Candy Stick Vibrating Dilator
    “I just want to thank you for introducing me to the Candy Stick vibrator. I have been stuck in a rut for the past few weeks knowing that I was ready to have sex but unable to move on from the dilators. Dilating seems so mechanical and unsexy to me . . . I just could not “get in the mood”. When the Candy Stick arrived, I was excited about incorporating this into my dilation schedule. I first dilated with the Pure Romance “Miss Pink” for 20 minutes and then “Mr. Blue” for another 20 minutes. Then I felt ready for the Candy Stick. Wow! I did find it was easy to relax with the Candy Stick and it definitely helped me “get into the mood”. I am now ready to have my husband take part in my dilation with the Candy Stick . . . I’ll keep you posted! How Sweet It is!”


    Thank you so much for the information, I will be saving up for this item!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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