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    Hi ladies. A forum member recently wrote “I didn’t realize how daunting it can be to post your story.” This is so, so common ladies and goes along with the true face of vaginismus. By taking the important step of posting and sharing your story, it already removes a part of the fear and isolation that surround the condition. Always know that we are all right here to support you.

    In thinking about this further, I remember also having anxiety about just starting the process of calling Dr. Pacik’s office and inquiring about the treatment and then scheduling the treatment. This, too, is such a common fear ladies. Who else shared this anxiety about making the first move to contact Dr. Pacik’s office and discuss treatment??? And, also scheduling the treatment??? How did you overcome this fear??


    Hi Heather. I was anxious about making the first move to contact Dr. Pacik’s staff because of my fear of feeling judged just like all those doctor’s visits that I had during 7 years of trying to get someone to help me with vaginismus. Dr. Pacik offers that you speak with someone who went through the treatment and achieved results before you take the decision to schedule your treatment, this was a wonderful experience since it was the first time I was vocalizing my experience with someone who knew exactly what I was going through. After this, Dr. Pacik offered to call me and he did, he responded all my questions with great respect and patience. I schedule my treatment the day after and can’t be more grateful and happy with my decision. I have been vaginismus-free for over one year now!


    This is beyond wonderful Diana. I, too, remember being so nervous contacting the office for the first time but then so happy once I did. I think what helped me the most here was the encouragement and support from my husband to just do it and then the tremendous support thereafter from Dr. Pacik and his entire team. I have been vaginismus-free for over two years now and this was one of the best phone calls that I’ve ever decided to make!!!

    To the veterans reading this, what advice would you give to someone who is currently considering contacting Dr. Pacik’s office for the first time? What helped you to overcome any anxiety to make this first call/send your first e-mail/inquiry?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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