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    Hi ladies. So far, Rachel’s youtube video has 738 views and 5 comments.

    Rachel recently posted:
    “Writing the song allowed me to get my emotions around Vaginismus down on paper. I wanted to let other women know that they are not alone in this battle with Vaginismus. I remember having no one to turn too and it was horrible. I don’t want any other woman to feel this way. I want every woman with Vaginismus to know that there is hope and that they will get through this. I hope that this song will give other women the voice that it has given me in sharing with people about Vaginismus.
    We have to have a voice ladies as we have remained silent about this condition for too long…there are women still alone with no help or education on this subject. Every healthcare professional should at least know what Vaginismus is…and many don’t!”

    This is so, so important ladies. I, like Rachel, and all of you, feel very, very passionate about spreading the word about vaginismus and Dr. Pacik’s treatment program as it is the true cure for this condition. I would love for it to be more well-known to the point that it’s the first treatment option offered. I have read countless posts in which women have spent several years trying and failing at various treatments (i.e. PT, biofeedback, etc.) which were both expensive and non-effective. They then self-discovered this treatment and were CURED. Imagine if they had just learned of it first or even had their physicians diagnose them with vaginismus and recommend this treatment first. As Rachel said “every healthcare professional should at least know what Vaginismus is … and many don’t!” This video is a wonderful avenue to spread the word to all about vaginismus.

    I recently posted a comment on youtube:
    “What a wonderful and powerful song. Watching this video reminds me of the 15 year struggle that I underwent with primary vaginismus until being cured in 2011. Please know that there is a treatment out there to cure vaginismus that I underwent and that WORKS [VaginismusMD]. Now is the time that women with this condition no longer have to spend years suffering in silence and don’t have to be afraid anymore nor alone anymore! Thank you Kazia Gray!” Heather Rose 1 week ago

    Dr. Pacik recently wrote the following post:

    “For those who want to share in Rachel’s devotion to those who still struggle with vaginismus, I encourage you to make a comment on YouTube:

    She has become an amazing advocate for vaginismus women and dedicated this song to them.”

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