Abdominal pain

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    I was hoping somebody could help me please.

    After i have dilated i suffer from lower abdominal pain and always feel lile i need to go to th toilet …. ( to empty my bowels also) Sory for th detail i just wondered whther i was causing any infection etc as it puts me off dilating even when i want to.

    Thank you and would realy appreciate some help

    Dr. Pacik

    This sounds more like reflex spasm of other areas than an infection. It is common during the early days of dilation for women to feel the need to urinate even though they may have just emptied their bladders. This is all part of a reflex affecting nearby organs.


    Thankyou dr pacik

    Im hoping this will ease in due course

    I slept with the glass purple last night so pleased with myself want to try it again tonight and then move to pink.

    Not sure how long to stick to pink before trying big blue…. At th moment big blue seems impossible tried it soo many times and doesnt enter past the tip!

    Lets hope im soon one of those people that writes to tell you iv dont it!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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