2016: The Voices of Women with Vaginismus

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    Hi all. I just posted an article about a newlywed sharing her story of discovering vaginismus on her honeymoon. I found an excellent site that I wanted to share: Author, Blogger, Speaker: Sheila Wray Gregorie:


    Sheila, herself, had vaginismus and now reaches out and advocates for others also going through vaginismus. Most recently, in January 2016, she covered vaginismus in a series of excellent Blogs:

    The Voices of Women with Vaginismus

    Overcoming Vaginismus: 9 Steps Towards Recovery

    Sheila has also written her own book (The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex) concerning her struggles with vaginismus and has also shared 2 others. She writes, Jennifer Smith’s The Unveiled Wife and Emily Weiringa’s Making It Home both are poignant looks at dealing with this condition.

    As always, I encourage you to check out her site and the Blogs and comments and I welcome your feedback here.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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