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hi, my name is Lora, i’m new to this forum so i’m not even sure i’m posting this in the correct place. basically, i wasn’t sure where to go to ask questions and happened upon this website. i’m a young adult and I’ve only had intercourse once and honestly it didn’t go too well in terms of lubrication and comfort on my part. it was difficult to let him enter me and even though initially he entered, it didn’t last very long because he couldn’t really move. i felt my vagina was simply too small to accommodate, which i know shouldn’t be the case, and because of the lack of adequate lubrication it wasn’t really a possibility to create movement. basically i feel like my vagina is just too small and i think my anxieties about sex /even though i like the idea of having sex/ may have contributed to the tightness of it. I’ve been reading about vaginismus and a lot of the symptoms, so to speak, match up with what i feel even though I’ve only had sex once. when i’m alone and experimenting with myself i am sometimes lubricated enough but still feel that uncomfortable tightness, like even though i’m sufficiently aroused, penetration with anything bigger than fingers still feels like it wouldn’t be possible. /sorry about being so graphic/ i’m really scared to have sex again for fear i’ll feel closed up and too tight to go through with it. the thought of that makes me very nervous. basically i’m not sure what i should do, surely i can’t go see a doctor and tell them i think i might have vaginismus when i have such little sexual experience. any help would be greatly appreciated.