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Thank you for the welcome and response. I use the pyrex dilators but am open to adding the silicone set (Pure Romance), especially if the set would provide a dilator that seems in between the 5 and 6, either in actual size or in the feel. I use Slippery stuff, which is as the name implies, but it does seem to vanish. Lots of natural oil — cold pressed coconut oil, included.

The treatment with Estrace has been very effective in turning around the dryness. The Estrace also provided the leap from 4 to 5, after Peter and Janet encouraged me, and I cornered my local doc (small town) and got the prescription. I also use Vagifem. Same doc gave me his entire supply of samples, I think.

I appreciate and agree with the power of envisioning good things, good outcomes, and keeping on. Oh, and the hydrocortisone gel suggestion is just the tip I needed. I remember someone mentioning it on the forum. I needed the reminder.