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@ Enc, welcome to the forum again and I love reading your posts. I especially loved the part “I got the procedure done in July and have had successful pain-free intercourse ever since I first attempted in August…If this is something you are truly suffering through, I can’t stress enough how much it can change your life.” Congratulations on your success. This is so amazing! Also, this inspires so much confidence. You also wrote “I know how frustrating and isolating vaginismus can be.” This is so, so true and through this forum, we are taking one more step to make it less isolating so that women no longer have to suffer alone and in silence with this condition. For future patients who may be reading this, we know exactly what you are going through with vaginismus as we have all been there and I encourage you all to post, as so many of the other women have, and share your story, ask questions, and receive support. Excellent and inspiring post Enc!!! As you have successfully transitioned to intercourse, I would encourage you to provide any advice, tips, and suggestions under the Daily Questions 2 topic (Daily Questions Category) and I look forward to reading your posts.