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Hi Jane. Welcome to the Forum and thank you so much for your post. I commend you so much on your website and for being such a strong advocate for women who continue to struggle with vaginismus. I struggled with the condition for my entire 11-year relationship/marriage and was cured in 2011 within a week of having Dr. Pacik’s Botox procedure. I tried so many other treatments in the past but kept failing as I could not even insert a q-tip without the pain/burning feeling. Once I had this procedure and woke up with the largest dilator inside of me, I both mentally and physically knew that something could be inside of me and that it did not cause any pain and my husband and I were both so amazed with this. Thereafter, we were able to transition within a short time frame based on our experience in the office and because the usual resistance that I had always experienced in the past when trying to insert anything had disappeared. Now, I’d love to do everything I can to spread the word about both the condition of vaginismus and this treatment program. While suffering with vaginismus, I had to research my symptoms on-line to even know what I had. Thereafter, I tried to explain them to a doctor who immediately diagnosed me with vulvodynia, which I never had. At the time that I was going through this, I would’ve loved for any of the doctors to know about vaginismus. In addition to the struggle with nobody knowing about vaginismus, it also took me so many years to find out about Dr. Pacik and this treatment. The only way I learned of it was through a yahoo forum (ttcwithvag) in which one of the members posted about her success. Prior to this, I felt so hopeless and like I would have this forever and never be able to find a cure. One of the most difficult aspects of the whole thing was it is a condition that women often suffer in complete silence with. For me, just my husband and I and the few doctors that we spoke to knew of my vaginismus and it felt so isolating. Now, again, it is my hope and prayer to be able to spread the word about the condition of vaginismus as well as this treatment. The Forum is also such a wonderful creation of Dr. Pacik and is a place where no woman has to feel isolation and alone anymore with her condition. It is a wonderful community of support. I’m so glad you are a part of it and can’t wait to read your posts. :):):)