Hi all. There is a recent excellent review regarding the We-Vibe Products:

The Forum member writes:
I recently buy a vibrator. It’s aWe-Vibe 4 plus. I then started to experiment its uses.
I use it for clitoral stimulation which helps me relax during dilation exercise. I tried putting it on the edge of #4 and #5 of Pure Romance silicone dilators.
It works quite well. My hubby can now put the tip in with the vibrator on my clitoris which help ease my anxiety towards penetration. Do you know how happy I felt at that time?
Then I came across this success story: http://www.vaginismusmd.com/vaginismus/dilation/vibrators-and-dilators/
I’m really excited and look forward to successful penetration soon!
Hope ladies who are still struggling like I do will try this great tool!”