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Hi ceegee my friend! How are you doing? I tried replying to your text but it would not go through. I also did a FB search but could not locate you. I will continue to try. I very very much enjoyed meeting you over this past summer. I am now catching up on the Forum after my break for the birth of our son and I came across your excellent post.

You wrote: “[O]ne thing I’m surprised by is how many private messages I’m receiving from young girls who have vaginismus and men who have girlfriends who have it. It’s really crazy. The more I read these messages the more I’m convinced that Vee is not nearly as rare as we all think it is. It’s so eye opening. I’m trying to respond to everybody and direct them here, so I’m hoping we get some new visitors shortly.”

This is such a wonderful form of advocacy and means of helping women with vaginismus. Once it is out in the open, it truly is so surprising how many lives are affected by it. Thank you so, so very much for doing this and directing them to the VaginismusMD site. Currently, although Dr. Pacik is now retired, he is referring women who contact him to an excellent practice in NY who are also trained on his treatment program and focus on the physical as well as emotional components of vaginismus. In addition, and for those who either cannot afford the treatment or who cannot travel, using vaginal dilators and receiving support from the Forum is also an important step in overcoming vaginismus.

Thinking of you and sending big hugs!!