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Hi mandykins. I am so sorry for what you are currently experiencing. I had primary vaginismus all through my college years and it was so hard to go through this. Please know that I am here for you and you will definitely get through this. I have never been on birth control but have read on this Forum and have heard from others that it does affect libido. Please let us know how stopping using the birth control goes and, again, know that you have my support. It is so wonderful that you have a great boyfriend and he is an excellent source of support. I started dating my then boyfriend (now hubby) at 25 and we worked through vaginismus and these issues together. I also wanted to share a couple of great posts with you on vaginal dryness:

Dr. Pacik writes:
“The problem of dryness affects many women … I would urge you to use lubes as long as you have this problem otherwise you may experience tearing and pain after. You can do research on the various lubes, such as water based (Slippery Stuff, Yes, etc); silicone based lubes (such as Slippery stuff), oils such as Olive or Coconut oil and thicker products like Cocoa butter. The thicker the lube, the more friction a male experiences which is needed for climax. Some do well with thinner lubes, you just have to experiment. Vaginal moisturizers may not be enough but it could be worthwhile to try these such as Replens vaginal moisturizer.”

Kelseroo writes:
“I personally use coconut oil and love it! This article convinced me to try it: http://www.hybridrastamama.com/2013/02/coconut-oil-for-intimate-uses.html”