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This problem definitely didn’t exist before I got on birth control, so mine isn’t primary.
Either way, I definitely have hope.
It’s been an interesting week since quitting:
within 3 days, I spotted, really dark brown. The next day, I started an insanely heavy period, with a huge bloodclot to start. I felt insanely tired, and even had to wake up after 4 hours of sleep to eat something else. Guess I was losing too much. Today I’m almost done and its light. Today is day 3.
My libido started to return almost immediately. Downstairs didn’t agree, and was still super dry. We didn’t do anything, but I noticed I was still very sensitive to ANY excess acid in my urine, and unless clear it was uncomfortable.
My moods went from depressing, anxious and hopeless, to (after quitting) having tons of hope, and being oddly happy off and on. When I listened to music today it was actually almost overwhelming from my emotions. I’ve been very happy today, and before my bf went to bed, we cuddled. He was super out of it, but I was insanely happy and surprised to find out, he smelled delicious (pheromones) and kissing him got me a little excited.
MY LIBIDO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We haven’t had sex since I quit birth control, as I wanted time to heal and my period started, but i’m not as scared of it now.
I also went out and bought Astroglide Gel. I was on another forum before I found out what was up with me, and they recommended this kind for really sensitive folks, as it doesn’t dry up super fast unlike the lubes I’ve been using, and its condom compatible. I really hope it works for me. I will be using condoms again since I am no longer protected, but with lube it shouldn’t be a terrible thing.
Speaking of having a wonderful bf. We’ve been together 9 months, and he’s so serious about us he bought a big Christmas gift for me, and he has plans for us on my birthday later this week. :))) With my emotions more stable and not feeling so trapped, I finally feel secure. I know he isn’t going anywhere. ^_^