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Currently, as of September 2015, there are 5,450 posts in 1,021 topics and now 786 Forum Members!!!

Dr. Pacik has written:
“The VaginismusMD Forum is a place where any woman or man can ask any question about vaginismus and expect an answer. Since early 2012, 300 (NOW 786!!!!!) dedicated and vocal women have added to the strength of the VaginismusMD Forum by asking questions and disseminating information about vaginismus. The VaginismusMD Forum reads like a textbook in medicine discussing the complete range of vaginismus from symptoms to treatment and post-procedure support. I cannot begin to describe the multiple benefits of joining this group of vocal women who: • no longer want to feel as though they need to hide • do not want to feel that vaginismus is “their problem alone” • no longer tolerate being put down by their GYN doctors who too often tell them “It’s in your head” “Why don’t you just try to relax” • do not want to feel like a freak as they watch their relationships disintegrate and their self-esteem vanish • have tried years of failed treatments at considerable time and cost. The power of the VaginismusMD Forum has changed all that. Women now have a voice and they know they can receive needed advice and guidance on the VaginismusMD Forum.

I wrote the following in the past:

The word “catharsis” originates from the Greek language and means to cleanse or purge. Writing your feelings allows you to air them (albeit privately) and so, rather than pushing these feelings down inside yourself, clogging your emotional being with pent up frustrations, fears, and doubts, you acknowledge them. And in so doing, you honor yourself.

I think an invaluable aspect of [the Forum] is the opportunity to write our own individual stories and speak to each other in an anonymous form about all aspects of vaginismus, something that is often a “secret” in many of our lives and was in my own life for several years while suffering with it. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone except my husband and could not even share this with my best friend. I would like to encourage all of you reading this who may feel the same way and be embarrassed right now, as I was, to please know you are not alone anymore and have this Forum as a wonderful avenue to express yourself and talk about this condition openly (albeit private and anonymously).

On this Forum, if you read through the Introduction Stories, so many members share that they feel this “catharsis” after sharing their stories and emotions surrounding vaginismus.

I have not had the chance to be as active on the Forum since the birth of our son in May and returning to work full-time but I am finally now able to catch up and, again, want each and every one of you reading this to know that I along with 750+ other members are all here to support you. Please continue to post and I look forward to replying and all supporting each other along this journey. Sending big hugs!!!