Hi mshopgirl and welcome to the forum. I LOVED reading your post! HUGE CONRATS on your tremendous success! I also think it’s so neat to have the procedure on your actual birthday – what an unforgettable 27th birthday! You wrote “I knew that the Botox would help but I really didn’t think it would work. I think I was just in pain for so long that part of me really didn’t think I could ever have sex again without pain.” I felt the exact same way prior to my procedure as well. I was convinced that I would be the only patient that it wouldn’t work on and I would never ever be able to use dilators. I was completely wrong and we were able to have successful intercourse within 1 week of my procedure. Prior to this, I couldn’t even insert a q-tip without pain. I also really, really enjoyed reading your post and learning more about secondary vaginismus. I can’t wait to read more of your posts and, again, my sincere CONGRATULATIONS on your tremendous success!!! And, a belated Happy Birthday wish to you!!!