Hi everyone! I just wanted to add my real success story 🙂 This weekend, my husband and I had intercourse for the first time!!!!!!!! It was the first time in my life! I mostly just stared at my husband in pure shock thinking ‘this is really happening!!!’ He must have been weirded out a little, but was nice enough not to tell me 🙂

It happened 2 months after i started the treatment via the internet!!! I just wanted to tell you about it in case any of this can help someone else 🙂

I dilated all night, then again while we warmed each other up.. then I was ready for him. He went in smoothly!!! At times, it did hurt a little, but that is when he liked it most.. and other times, I actually enjoyed it!!! (but those times, he wasn’t as erect), but the amazing thing is that it actually felt really nice!!! It was our first attempt, but not our last! I imagine it will take some time before we both can be satisfied at the same time. Neither of us climaxed, but we were on a high of actually being able to have sex!

THANK YOU DR PACIK! You have changed our lives!