Thanks cherryblossom123! It’s a great felling to wear tampons. I. On my 1st round of having my period after my procedure and it’s summer so it’s been great! I can enjoy cute summer outfits and not worry about the undergarments being those annoying granny pants 😉 annnnd I can go swimming!!! No more sitting on the side watching everyone have fun! I still wear a pad at night but that’s pretty much it now or when I am dialating! I feel life had changed since. The procedure and I can do more things “down there” I couldn’t do before. We become more aware of our bodies. I could have gyno exams before but they were a little painful and the last one I had this past week was great. I didn’t feel a thing and my dr was so happy 🙂 we joked and I said “well I prob don’t feel the finger exam bc I’m dilating with a 4 & 5 which is bigger then your finger every night”

Good luck with tampons I love the multi pack- light regular and super tampex pearl with the applicators. A tiny bit of lube and they go In so well!

Talk soon