Although I am a little different on this site as I have not been through the procedure, and was diagnosed with secondary vaginismus as opposed to primary (It began after I’d been having penetrative sex for some time) I’ve still experienced serious difficulties having sex and penetration over the last two years. It wasn’t always 100% impossible, but often was, and was always very painful.
In April of this year I began regularly seeing a psychosexual therapist and began dilator treatment, which I’m still continuing with. Although my partner and I have been together 3 years and are both almost 23, we don’t live together or have the opportunity to spend nights together when we want to, which has made it much harder to work on this together.

Last week we went away on a week’s holiday which meant we could spend plenty of time in bed together, and we used to chance to work with the dilators and try penetrative sex….. and it worked!! We tried four times altogether – two were unsuccessful, one almost worked but was very very painful, but the last time we tried we were able to achieve penetration!! Unfortunately this doesn’t mean the end of the treatment or that I am cured, there’s still a long way to go…. but it felt like such an achievement as due to this condition we haven’t been able to do this in such a long time.