I agree totally Dr. Pacik. Nobody should have to feel like this and to be undermined by a doctor that has neither the knowledge nor compassion for women who have struggled with vaginismus.

In a recent post, http://www.vaginismusmd.com/vaginismus-md-forum/?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=755.0#postid-5006 Dr. Pacik discusses his newest publication, which serves as a wonderful source of education to provide to doctors.

Dr. Pacik writes:

“I have been sending a copy of this paper to new inquiries so they have a scientific basis for understanding vaginismus. I am also encouraging new patients to send a copy of this paper to their doctors both to get a more meaningful referral for treatment (which helps with insurance reimbursement) and so the doctors themselves can better understand this condition.

Here is the table that was published. I was somewhat surprised the journal included this Table! Table 2 What your patients do not want to hear (condescending remarks) “Don’t be a baby” “Can’t you just relax” “It’s all in your head” (very common) “Come back when you are more relaxed” “Have a drink” (also common) “You need to take a Valium before you come for an exam. It’s just because you are nervous.” “You need to practice stretching your vagina” “It’s just first time jitters” “It will get better with time” “Let me recommend some lubricants” “You need to stop believing that your vagina is messed up because you are the one causing this and stopping yourself from having a normal sex life.” (This comment after successful treatment of severe vaginismus but crying because of the speculum exam.) “The pain will go away after you have had sex a few times. You will get used to it.” “You know what, I’m going to use the baby speculum” (which never worked) “There’s nothing physically wrong with you” “There must be something wrong with your relationship” “Just tell yourself sex won’t hurt and it will be okay” “I won’t examine you again until you receive sex therapy. Here is the name of a sex therapist that I recommend. After you see her, you can come back to try an exam.” – I’m still shaking my head in disbelief!

The easiest way to request a reprint is to complete the contact form by linking to http://www.vaginismusmd.com/contact/ Let my staff know that you would like the reprints titled “Clinical Opinion” and the Letter to the Editor.”