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Hi all. There is an excellent November 2015 Newsletter that I wanted to share with you:


In this Newsletter, Dr. Pacik discusses continued Vaginismus Advocacy:

“Even though I retired recently there is still much work that needs to be done to support women with vaginismus and to bring vaginismus more into the medical mainstream. I will continue to write scientific papers and give lectures so that more clinicians will have a working knowledge of vaginismus.”

He goes on to introduce Maze Women’s Sexual Health:

“It is with pleasure to announce that the website VaginismusMD.com will now be supported by Maze Women’s Sexual Health, a medical group in New York that specializes in female and male sexual health. In 2010, Maze brought their team to New Hampshire so they could observe the Botox treatment of two of their vaginismus patients. During the two days we spent together, many questions were asked and the entire flow of treatment and follow-up reviewed. Maze participated in the email follow-up and both women were successful. Since then, Maze has treated many other vaginismus patients with excellent results.

To contact Maze Women’s Health directly with questions or to schedule an appointment, please call 914-328-3700 or email at info@MazeWomensHealth.com.

During this past year, Janet and I visited Maze in Purchase, NY and were impressed with their facility. They have a broad based practice dedicated to a large number of patients, both female and male, for sexual health needs. From numerous conversations and emails, I know Maze is a very caring group and highly competent to manage difficult sexual problems. They have considerable experience using the Pacik Botox multimodal program for the treatment of vaginismus.

Maze is completely equipped to assess sexual difficulty and recommend the best treatment. Women who have less severe vaginismus can advance with dilators when taught how to do this. For those with severe vaginismus, high fear and anxiety, long term treatment failures or relationships that are on the verge of destruction, the Botox multimodal program is still the gold standard and can help avoid wasting much precious time.”

He further shares excellent information from the Forum and Blog concerning the 1,2,3 punch for vaginismus treatment.

I encourage you to read and welcome your comments and feedback here. I also encourage you to share this excellent Newsletter.