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Vibrating dilators are a wonderful source of excitement and pleasure for my hubby and I post-procedure. We have both the Candy Stick and Lelo Liv. These have both worked so well to remove the clinical and mechanical feel of dilating and intercourse post-procedure. We both began to enjoy our foreplay that much more and really look forward to incorporating this new and fun thing into our intimacy. The Lelo Liv is the smaller one and just a little smaller than the pink (pure romance) dilator. This makes it less intimidating as a first dilator and just a wonderful thing to incorporate into foreplay. The Candy Stick is a little bit bigger than the blue (pure romance) dilator. This is my husband’s favorite one as we both feel the vibration when we use this both prior to and during intercourse. They are both great though and I would definitely recommend both of them to anyone reading this.