Hi pianochica. First off, huge congratulations on your pregnancy. This is wonderful news. My hubby and I welcomed our little boy on 5/7/15 and he is such a joy. I am so sorry for what you have experienced with past Doctors and I hope and pray that the Birthing Center with midwives will be better.

I wanted to share an excellent post with you from a woman who was pregnant with vaginismus: “I have vaginusmus too and pregnant with my second. I found a doctor that is knowledgeable about this. If you can’t I suggest to take some medical articles to the doctor. I have had biofeedback therapy to overcome this. Check if your hospital does that. My first was a c section because of the anxiety issues I was having. Insurance covered it. My doctor uses a lidocaine gel for Pap smears and they are doable. She also uses a baby speculum and let’s me insert it myself. I did all of my swabs myself. The doctor instructed me how to do it. The was no internal testing during my pregnancy, only before and after. I inserted the vaginal ultrasound thing myself. Once inside the doctor was able to direct it. There are pelvic pain clinics in most big hospitals that can help you with this. Talk to your doctor if she is not familiar with the condition.” http://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12005397/possibly-tmi-i-have-vaginismus-i-m-terrified-of-my-prenatal-appointment

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I hope this helps and am here for you always. Sending big hugs!!!