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Hi britska. I have loved reading your posts and wanted to pass along some helpful tips on transitioning from using dilators to intercourse.

Thread 1: Transition from Dilators to Intercourse

Dr. Pacik writes:
There are many tricks, but the main thing is to dilate for 1-2 hours before. Use the dilator as a “toy”, use a vibrator to help relax, set the stage with favorite music, get erotic (your choice), think of positions of comfort while dilating and use these positions for intercourse, and above ALL have your honey do the dishes that night!! Also have an escape plan. All of you know how to satisfy your honey, and simply accept the fact that it is common not to fully succeed the first time. It can be awkward, mechanical and just not work. Not a problem. Try another day. No one believes me that the erect penis is more comfortable than the large dilator, but everyone agrees that this is true. Just scary in the beginning.”

Thread 2: Positions of Comfort Post Vaginismus

Thread 3: Lelo Helpful with Transitioning

Dr. Pacik writes:
The Lelo Liv is a very appropriate vibrating dilator for our vaginismus patients. We highly recommend the Lelo Liv because this vibrating dilator allows the vaginal muscles to be stretched while reducing stress and promoting relaxation. To use the Lelo Liv, make sure it is very lubricated, turn the vibrator down to the lowest setting and insert it slowly. Move the vibrator in and out being aware of which sensations you enjoy the most. Many of our vaginismus patients do well combining vibrators with dilation before transitioning to intercourse.

Blog: Transitioning: Stories from Our Patients


Story 2: “Dr. Pacik, My homework/experiment on Saturday evening was a complete success!!! I dilated with pink for 1 hour and then big blue for 1 hour and 15 minutes. When I took big blue out I had my husband slide his erect penis in immediately as you suggested and there was no resistance at all!! I just felt some mild burning but it wasn’t unbearable and certainly nothing like any of our previous attempts! He was able to insert his entire penis within seconds. We held off on any thrusting as you suggested. WOW is all I can think of to say!!!!”

I hope this helps. Please give us updates on how you are doing. Sending you hugs!