Hi Michael:

I saw your post and wanted to respond. Please don’t give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Like you, my wife suffered from vaginismus. We met in college, dated for four years, and then were married for twelve years while we battled with vaginismus. While we “had fun”, we were never able to have intercourse and it placed an incredible strain on our marriage. My wife was tearing apart on the inside, it it was tough for me too. My wife was not even able to insert a tampon! We attempted physical therapy, and sat through sessions with psychologists. Nothing worked. We lost hope. It almost ended our marriage too.

Then we met Dr. Pacik. He changed our lives forever.

Like you, I stumbled across his website. I struggled for a way to bring it up to my wife, but it found the courage and did. She went to The website and We were shipped a book … Which we each read cover to cover the day we received it. From both of our perspectives, it was our life to a T. We decided to attempt the Botox procedure. We traveled to NH … Nervous, but excited. Hopeful.

My wife was put under and I watched the procedure. Dr. Pacik was able to show me, medically, that vaginismus isn’t a mental condition, but a physical one. She woke up with the largest dilator inside of her. She was tired … But changed. We both teared up … She was instantly empowered. Frankly, it was awesome to see her finally feel like she had control of her body.

From that day, my wife practiced dilating every day. Approximately two months later, we has successful penetration. Over the past two years, we’ve made up for lost time. It feels so wonderful to connect with my wife emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Oh, and we now have a wonderful six month old son!

Don’t despair. Don’t give up. There was a reason the two of you got married. Please, contact dr. Pacik. Keep an open mind. He is a miracle worker, and he changed our lives forever. Good luck.