Hi Hazel and Lulu. Thank you so, so much for sharing your stories. I’ve spoken to you both in another thread but I wanted to chime-in here as well as I am spending some time catching up since my break on the Forum. I, too, had primary vaginismus for all of my 20s and into my early 30s up until 2011. Please know that you have found an excellent place of support and you are not alone with this problem at all. Currently, there are over 785 Forum members who have all either had, currently have, or in some way are affected by vaginismus. Together, we can all learn from each other and be an excellent community of support. For all of the years that I had vaginismus, I told none of my closest girlfriends and it was very, very isolating. I currently don’t want a single person to feel like I did back then and, again, want you to know that you have my support 100%! How are things currently going for the two of you?