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Today, June 27, is a very special day for my husband and I. We had our procedure on this date and it has changed our lives forever. Prior to finding Dr. Pacik, I tried and failed at so many different treatments and we both did not know what to do in order to overcome this condition. The day that I first spoke to Dr. Pacik and we read the book, I was brought to tears and knew for the first time that there were others out there like us and we were not alone with this as we had always felt. We had the procedure on this date and, on the 4th of July, we were able to consummate our marriage and have pain-free intercourse for the first time in our 11-year relationship. Thank God and Thank Dr. Pacik for this wonderful procedure and treatment program. For anyone reading this who may be new or even a long-time member of the Forum who is thinking of having the procedure, please do it. It was one of the best decisions that my husband and I have ever made and we are now able to have pain-free and enjoyable intercourse together. Dr. Pacik is one of the best doctors you will ever meet and he has an amazing combination of caring, compassion, and so much knowledge about all things vaginismus. To say “he wrote the book on vaginismus” is actually true as he has and continues to write article after article about the condition and do everything in his power to make it more well-known so that no other women has to continue to suffer in silence. Thank you doesn’t seem enough to say for all that Dr. Pacik and this procedure has given to my husband and I but I sincerely thank you and Janet and Ellen and all of the staff from the bottom of my heart!!!!