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Hi Rebecca. Welcome to the Forum and thank you so much for your post. I am so, so, so sorry for what you are currently going through. Please know that I am here for you 100%. I had primary vaginismus during all of my 20s and it was so hard as I did not tell anyone except my then boyfriend/now husband and the few doctors we saw. I lied to my friends and they were convinced I had an amazing sex life. I just felt so alone with it at the time and never ever want you to feel like this. Please know that you have me to talk to and I will support you through this. I also understand the depression and anxiety that accompany vaginismus so well. I promise you that you can and will get through this and everything IS going to be ok. Following my Botox treatment program with Dr. Pacik, one of the most important parts to me was the post-procedure support that I received. I could talk to him about questions that I had regarding using the vaginal dilators and he offered tons of help and needed support. This was well before the Forum. Now, we all can offer help and support via the Forum.

There are a ton of threads that I can share with you regarding what physical therapy is like. Here is one in particular:


Have you used any vaginal dilators? I have used the Pure Romance ones post-procedure as well as the Pacik glass ones and love them both. I will share my thoughts with you on each if you would like? I also wanted to share the Newsletter regarding The Ins and Outs of Vaginal Dilation:


Most importantly, again, please know that you have my support and I am here for you 100%. Please write back and continue to post and please, please know that everything is going to be okay and you can and will get through this!!!