I just thought I’d add my quick introduction. I’m 25 and I’ve had vaginismus for as long as I can remember – from the first time I tried to use tampons to the first time I tried to have intercourse, it was always like hitting a wall. For a long time I was ashamed and thought something was wrong with me. I believe I can now trace the physical spasms back to a bladder operation I had when I was 6 years old, which involved a doctor inserting a camera inside me while I was still conscious. I went through many uninformed doctors later who told me, “just relax, it’s all in your head, have a drink”….which caused me to continue trying to achieve intercourse through unhealthy ways and only made the vaginismus stronger. On the bright side, I finally feel that I understand the condition and that it is beyond my control to fix it through mind-power/relaxation, which really takes a huge burden off! I’m currently engaged and going for the botox treatment with Dr. Pacik in March and I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life!! I never even knew such a treatment existed until I read about it online, and I really do hope that we can bring more awareness to this issue so that other women do not continue to suffer unnecessarily.

@Stephanie, have you considered the carecredit card? That’s what I’m planning to use so that I can pay for the treatment afterwards over 18-24 months.