I’m from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada and I have fibromyalgia which I was diagnosed with about 8 yrs ago.I have been in alot of pain and had chronic fatigue and all sorts of other problems.I have been on & off work at the same place.It was very hard on my poor husband and 2 daughters because fibro is so misunderstood.To make things even worse,when I was able to have sex (which wasn’t too often but very enjoyable ),one night it was very uncomfortable and went downhill from there for the last 3 yrs or so.After many dr’s visits,I found out that my PC muscle was tight and started seeing a physiotherapist which started to help and am now using dilators.I actually got the largest one in last night although it burned—but I did it!!!!I ordered the “Yes”lubricant a few days ago because it is organic and everyone seems to say how awesome it is—including someone on this site.I saw the comment AFTER I ordered it and now I can hardly wait to use it!!Has anyone else had success with it?Also,I was wondering if I can order the kind of dilators that you can sleep with or leave in for awhile —does anyone know?P.S. We have 3 beautiful grandchildren ,have got my pain mostly under control and we want our sex life back!