@ kcd, Hi there and welcome to the forum. Thank you for posting and sharing your story with us and sincere CONGRATS on booking your procedure for March. You wrote “I’ve gone to many doctors … and tried many other treatments that didn’t work.” This is, unfortunately, so true and so similar to myself and so many other women with vaginismus. I know ‘bazillion’ isn’t a word, but I felt like I went to a bazillion uninformed doctors and failed at numerous treatments before finally finding Dr. P and the cure. You also wrote “I’m really hopeful I’ll have the same success as some of the other women who have had treatment with Dr. Pacik.” I promise you kcd that you will have tremendous success with this treatment as it truly is the treatment that works to cure vaginismus. I secretly thought that I would be the only one that it wouldn’t work on and Dr. P told me that every single one of his patients feels like this pre-procedure. It truly does work and is the cure out there for vaginismus. Please feel free to write more and ask any questions at all that you may have pre-procedure. This really does help as we all have been exactly where you are right now. Congrats again and I can’t wait to hear back from you soon!