Hi Annabel and welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting. I loved what you wrote “we are so lucky to be around at the right time in history when this treatment is available.” This is so, so true and truly is the cure for vaginismus. God how I wish that everybody knew about it!!! I’m so, so happy that we both discovered this and would love to help you with info concerning travel from the UK. I’d also love to hear from Lou or any other member who has traveled over from the UK on their experiences (i.e. flights, hotels, etc.) and I will make it a separate topic as I know so many other women can also benefit from this information. I also will be very happy to answer any other questions that you may have pre-procedure as I remember having so many of my own prior to my procedure last year. So glad that you are here Annabel and I look very forward to talking to you more!