It definitely has worked for me! I am so happy I found Dr Pacik and that he agreed to advise my via internet! Otherwise, I would still be having major problems and not being able to see a professional who understands. I felt especially able when Dr Pacik felt the confidence in me that I could do it.. and I did! I was also a Pacik/Lamont level 5, but am now able to insert the pink on a daily basis! I haven’t tried full intercourse yet, but my husband is able to penetrate!

So, I highly recommend it and am thrilled that Dr Pacik could help me through it! 🙂

Since then, I even feel more daring in other aspects of life.. I used to be terriffied of skiing and so many other things, but now, I feel I can do it all! We even went on a week long ski trip and people were telling me how brave I was! That hs never happened to me before!