Dr. Pacik

I have found that most of the dilators work as long as one is willing to make a commitment to use them. For those women who have severe vaginismus and unable to tolerate any penetration, dilation may be a never ending frustrating task and it would be better to make an appointment to have the treatment under anesthesia with Maze.
I have heard from my patients that plastic can be uncomfortable-though they appear to be less expensive than the other dilators. It is true that the softest dilators are the Pure Romance silicone but the #5 and 6 are made too long and protrude excessively. It is for this reason I worked with Shellie to manufacture the shorter glass dilators. A two hour DVD is also available giving instructions how to dilate. This approach is most suitable for women who are able to tolerate some penetration but not intercourse. The glass dilators, instruction DVD and book can be ordered through Shellie